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4 Best Window Treatments for Casement Windows

Casement windows provide you with a bigger view of the outdoors and additional fresh air. They’re often used in rooms that need more ventilation, including a kitchen or bathroom, or to complement bay windows. Despite the fact they’re simple to open, that irritating crank can get in the way of your window treatments.

When it’s time to get new window treatments, our Louver Shop of South Georgia design consultants can provide support. We’ve never met a window we couldn’t cover, including casement windows. Our window treatments are custom produced to match your windows, including those that have cranks. You can find out more by requesting a free consultation with us. There’s never any pressure to order, merely access to expert recommendations at no cost.

While you’re still looking at styles, here are several of the best window treatments for casement windows.

1. Plantation Shutters

Whether you select 100% wood or durable polymer, plantation shutters offer the gold standard in light control and insulation. As this window treatment is installed for good, you could think that a crank would hit the frame or louvers. But that’s not an issue! At Louver Shop of South Georgia, we create and produce custom shutters just for your home. This means we can allow for your residence’s unique windows or doors, such as arched windows, doorknobs and cranks. That way, you’ll still have all the perks of your interior shutters while still being able to have total access to your window’s crank.

2. Roman Shades

If you are in love with curtains but don’t love how they are weighty and can be difficult to open and close, Roman shades are a great option for working with casement windows. Especially if your casement windows accompany a bay or picture window. These shades stay flat when closed and stack into even pleats when open. And there’s a wide range of options to select from, such as energy-efficient honeycomb shades and woven wood shades. With Louver Shop of South Georgia, your shades will look and operate just like you want them to. By upgrading to the PowerView® smart operating system, opening and closingyour custom shades will be simple with a press of your phone.

3. Honeycomb Shades

If your casement windows are in an area you are often in, such as your bedroom or living room, being comfortable is a top priority. Because your windows are one of the main culprits of energy loss in your residence, selecting an energy-efficient window treatment like honeycomb shades is crucial. These shades are designed with chambers that retain air at the window to keep indoor temperatures even and your energy expenses in check. And with a collection of uncomplicated operating systems, such as zero-cord LiteRise® or PowerView, you’ll have fast access to the crank when you want to open your window.

4. Roller and Solar Shades

If you have casement windows in your bathrooms or kitchen, a timeless style like roller and solar shades is an excellent choice. With hundreds of fabrics and a collection of opacities to pick from, you’ll have the ability to design the best appearance to correspond with your home. And they’ll be simple to raise, thanks to six operating systems that include cordless and PowerView customization options. As an extra advantage, they’re even easier to clean with a vacuum, duster or slightly wet cloth.

Creating Window Treatments for Casement Windows is Easy with Louver Shop of South Georgia

With the assistance of Louver Shop of South Georgia, it’ll be simple to select and create the right window treatments for your casement windows. From free professional measurements to making sure you get an excellent fit to free standard installation, we’re here to help you every step of the way. Start planning your window treatments by reaching us at 888-428-1415 today to request your free consultation!