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What are Plantation Shutters?

Plantation shutters are a well-liked choice for interior shutters in Albany. These wood or faux wood shutters mount on your window frame.

Plantation shutters provide privacy and light control by lifting or letting down a rod. This bar is attached between or to the side of the louvers.

Why Are Plantation Shutters Known as ‘Plantation Shutters’?

The terminology of “plantation shutter” started in the southern states, due to their sophisticated look and keeping plantation houses cool when it was hot.

People in the West also refer to this window covering as “California shutters.”

The foundation of this window treatment dates back to 12th-century Greece, where marble louvers were set in stonework.

Today, the term usually characterizes a shutter model with:

  • Bigger louvers—2 ½-inch, 3 ½-inch or 4 ½-inch
  • Regular front-attached tilt dowel

These are the most wanted type of shutters for residences around the U.S. and here in Albany.

4 Benefits to Installing Plantation Shutters

When properly manufactured, these shutters:

  1. Are tougher as opposed to window blinds or shades.
  2. Are quick to dust.
  3. Don’t get dull from sunlight.
  4. Don’t droop over time.
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What’s the Top Material for Plantation Shutters?

There are many options at hand when selecting your plantation shutters, such as wood, composite, polymer/faux wood or vinyl.

Here are a few things to think over with each option.

Wood Shutters

Wood shutters are the standard in shutter materials, delivering top quality and appearance. They’re also the highest priced.

These energy-saving shutters come in a collection of finish possibilities, with white being the most ordered in Albany this year.

High humidity can be tough on real wood shutters, because the material generally swells in the summer. However, this window treatment can be manufactured with excellent materials and components to counteract weather.

Composite Shutters

Composite shutters are regularly referred to as simulated wood. This material is usually appropriate for exterior storm shutters, rather than interior plantation shutters.

Composite is commonly a man-made wood product that can integrate added materials, like waterproof PVC.

This compacted material has the look of genuine wood. But it’s often heavier and more difficult to get in place.

Faux Wood Shutters

Faux wood shutters resemble wood but insulate up to three times better.

They’re made of polymer, a type of plastic that’s comparable to PVC, which is used in the majority of plumbing installations this present day.

This kind of shutter:

  • Is reliable
  • Is strong
  • Retains its tint
  • Weathers dampness and humidity
  • Is economical

Faux wood plantation shutters are a great substitute to wood plantation shutters when care and worry-free options are at the front of your preference list.

Vinyl Shutters

Vinyl shutters are the most reasonable plantation shutter, but also the shortest lived.

These shutters are quick to clean and resist moisture. Nevertheless, they don’t offer an identical appearance as a premium wood or faux wood product.

A further disadvantage is that you can’t paint vinyl shutters.

Quality and Installation Matters for Plantation Shutters

At Louver Shop of South Georgia, we only offer American-produced wood or faux wood models. A superior-quality product will be stronger and look more attractive in your house.

You can buy plantation shutters on the Internet or through a big box store. But it’s essential to think about a few things, since a bargain product may cost you eventually.

Your new shutters should be:

  • Produced with good materials and components
  • Made properly
  • Fitted and installed by an expert

Your window dimensions can differ around your rooms. This can be a result of the foundation, building processes or another case.

As a result, installing off-the-shelf plantation shutters can cause issues including:

  • Louvers dropping down or not staying in place.
  • Shutters not remaining shut or connected to holding magnets.
  • Bleached shutters as a result of sun rays or temperature changes.

At Louver Shop of South Georgia, we custom-create our shutters in the U.S. for your residence.

We make certain that every shutter component goes through a strict quality inspection before sending the shutters to your house for it to be installed.

Once at your house, our professionally trained, area installation group will ensure each shutter is mounted accurately and works like it should to meet your complete satisfaction.

Want to hear more about our shutters, shades and blinds? Schedule a free, in-home design consultation with one of our professionals right away. You’ll get to look at shutter samples and talk through all the options for your residence.

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Why You Should Think Over Plantation Shutters for Your Albany Residence

Like different enhancements you can add to your house, investing in plantation shutters improves your residence’s look and resale value.

According to realtor.com, plantation shutters are often preferred by potential homebuyers.

Here’s why:

  • They’re fashionable
  • They help conserve energy
  • They’re long-lasting
  • They give superior light management and privacy

The actual percent of value growth varies by the area and other factors. But most Realtors, appraisers and banks agree fine plantation shutters that are put up properly have a beneficial influence on your home’s value.

Any kind of premium shutters is an investment in your home, which is presumably the individual central asset you possess in Albany. As a result, we ask you to ask a local specialist, for instance one from Louver Shop of South Georgia, when making a decision about which shutters are right for your house.