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Why Your Plantation Shutters are Turning Yellow and What You Can Do About It

White plantation shutters have been a classic in homes across the United States for years. These window treatments are prized for their energy efficiency, light control and clean lines that work with a wide range of home styles. Plus, white works with anything, even as décor trends transition over the years.

With white window treatments, it’s fine to be apprehensive that the sun might discolor them. This is especially true if your home gets a lot of intense sunlight or faces south. It’s important to know that not all window treatments are made the same. And that some plantation shutters are more vulnerable to yellowing than others. Here’s why.

Why Plantation Shutters Turn Yellow

The sun’s ultraviolet rays are responsible for giving you painful sunburns. They’re also responsible for tarnishing your white plantation shutters, especially if you have cheap or overseas-made shutters. These detrimental rays can eat away at protective coating over time. Once the coating is gone, the sun may weaken the paint and cause it to become yellow.

Regular cleaning will help keep your shutters looking bright. But once they start turning yellow, there isn’t a lot you can do to fix it. The best way to prevent your shutters from yellowing is to find high-quality ones that are custom made for your home.

Why Cheap Plantation Shutters Are More Susceptible to Yellowing and Other Issues

Like many other things you buy for your home, you get what you pay for when it comes to window treatments. Here’s why cheap or off-the-shelf plantation shutters aren’t as worthwhile as they initially appear to be.

  • They sometimes won’t fit your windows very well. For top energy efficiency and light control, plantation shutters are required to fit snug against the window frame. Cheap plantation shutters are frequently not a good fit, and your efficiency and light management may as a result.
  • They’re manufactured from poor materials. Cheaper plantation shutters are constructed using low-quality materials, such as vinyl and composite, and are sometimes hollow. Along with yellowing, they may also be more vulnerable|exposed|susceptible]512] to distortion, fracture or splintering.
  • They’re finished with low-quality paint. Cheap paint frequently contains volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. These chemicals can be emitted by your shutters over time, causing headaches and eye and nasal irritation in many people. It’s also helpful to know that poor-quality paint might not include a protective UV coating, which might hasten the yellowing process.
  • They’re made overseas. You never know what type of quality you will get with plantation shutters that are shipped from overseas. They are typically lower quality than ones that are made in the U.S..
  • They may need frequent maintenance. Cheap plantation shutters often need frequent maintenance if parts become loose or louvers begin to sag. In some cases, you may not be able to repair sagging louvers if your shutters don’t possess tension screws.
  • They don’t provide a warranty.

Louver Shop of South Georgia Plantation Shutters Are Guaranteed Against Yellowing and Other Problems

At Louver Shop of South Georgia, we’ve been building our company on quality plantation shutters for some time. Here’s why investing in our shutters is a good decision for your home.

  • Our plantation shutters are customized for your home. No two homes or windows are identical, and your window treatments can reflect that. We begin our process with a free, in-home consultation so you can see all possible options in detail. From material to louver size and frame style, you’ll have an opportunity to fully personalize your plantation shutters. And alongside our free professional measurements and free standard installation, you’re guaranteed to get a seamless fit with your new shutters.
  • Our plantation shutters are made from superior materials. Whether you select our polymer LouverWood® shutters for top energy efficiency or Heritage shutters for the most timeless look, you’re getting window treatments made from premium materials. We utilize an exclusive polymer and furniture-grade hardwoods in our shutters that not only look great but last for years.
  • Our plantation shutters are colored with exclusive paints. Louver Shop of South Georgia plantation shutters are finished with proprietary water-based paints. These paints are safer for use since they’re nontoxic and low in VOCs. They’re also resistant against fading and yellowing.
  • Our plantation shutters are made in the USA. We manufacture your custom shutters and other window treatments in Gainesville, Georgia. Not only are they better quality, this means you’ll also get them much sooner, generally within a few weeks.
  • Our plantation shutters are low maintenance. Our shutters are easy to clean and won’t need to be tightened.
  • Our plantation shutters are backed by one of the best limited warranties. Louver Shop of South Georgia plantation shutters are guaranteed against some of the most common issues, including yellow, fading, cracking, peeling, sagging and warping. They also include a lifetime limited warranty on moving parts, workmanship and the painted finish.

Start Designing Your Custom Plantation Shutters with Louver Shop of South Georgia Today

Plantation shutters are an investment in your home. Picking the right ones means you’ll enjoy gorgeous shutters for years with hassle-free performance. With your vision and our expertise, you’re certain to create window treatments you’ll love. Begin elevating your home with Louver Shop of South Georgia by requesting your free, in-home consultation today! Call us at 888-428-1415 to schedule your appointment now.